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Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!

Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!

Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!

Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!

I have been serving the Northern Virginia Real Estate community’s needs since 1978. There are lots of changes that have taken place over this time period. As hard as it is to believe, I started selling Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudoun County and Prince William County real estate before laptop computers were available for the real estate agent to use. From computers, to internet technology, a lot has changed but somethings haven’t changed. Buyers still want to Buy Low and Sellers still want to Sell High.

Today, I want to briefly discuss with you a program that is second to none for the Northern Virginia Real Estate Buyer. This program is designed to help a Buyer buy low and when he or she is ready to sell, to sell high! What I am referring to is one of the best kept secrets in the real estate industry. It is a little known program that enables the Buyer to purchase a property and remodel it simultaneously.

This is such an impressive statement it is worth repeating: Buying a property and remodeling it simultaneously is no insignificant matter. It means so much to a prospective Buyer in so many ways.  For example,

1)       The Buyer can customize a purchase in a way that no other loan program offers

2)      The remodeling opportunities are astounding

3)      The Purchase and Remodeling is limited to your ability to qualify and the maximum loan limits.

4)      To illustrate the remodeling possibilities, here is an easy example, the Buyer can buy a property with an older kitchen and replace that kitchen with a brand new gourmet kitchen.

5)      To elaborate the remodeling possibilities almost the entire house can be torn down and rebuilt provided there remains an original foundation wall.

6)      As you can see, the ability to customize is significant.

7)      When the remodeling is completed, The Buyer moves into their custom, newly, remodeled home

For numerous reasons I do not want to get down into the minute details of the program in this Blog post. However, I feel it is important for you or someone that you care about that may be considering purchasing real estate to know that this is available. Why is it important to you, you may ask?  Well, that is what I would like to discuss with you.

Please call me at 703-385-RICK (7425) at your leisure and I will be happy to explain the real estate side of this program and the loan side as well. I am a real estate Broker and a Mortgage Loan Officer too. My wife, Joey (short for Josephine) and I are both Virginia Real Estate Brokers and as stated, I am also a Licensed Virginia Mortgage Loan Officer. Our real estate and my loan officer credentials are enclosed at the end of this post.

Naturally, this Buy and remodel program is only one of the many ways I can serve you. If you are interested or know someone that is interested in buying or selling a property, please have them call me at 703-385-7425 which is also: 703-385-RICK.

Please feel free to use our amazing real estate website to search for Homes For Sale our Advanced Search button is the most sophisticated Northern Virginia real estate search engine available. 


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Should you have any questions, please call us at 703-385-RICK (7425). We look forward to working with you. Thank you.


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Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!

Buying and Remodeling Our Extraordinary Buyers Program!