Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is Buying and Remodeling Northern Virginia Real Estate in your future?

Are you aware there is financing available to assist you not only with the purchase of the property but also the improvements? If you would like to know more about how to accomplish buying a property and remodeling it simultaneously please call me at 703-385-RICK (7425).

Hi, my name is Rick Saunders, Associate Broker of Lord and Saunders Real Estate, Inc. and I would like to discuss with you why you should consider Buying and Remodeling Northern Virginia Real Estate.

This is an exciting way to buy your Dream Home. Many people talk about it but few do it because frankly they don’t know where to begin. That is where I come into the equation. I would like to discuss with you exactly how we can help you. I have the experience, expertise and the ability to make your dream home purchase a reality. That sounds interesting doesn’t it?  

In this quick blog post it is not my intention to convince you to do so but to have you contact us to discuss the possibilities and benefits from such a venture.  The reason Buying and Remodeling is attractive to some Purchasers of Northern Virginia Real Estate is the profit potential or the instant equity realized upon completion.  For others, the very idea of designing and building their dream home is very appealing.

The beauty of real estate is its uniqueness. No two properties are exactly alike. In any given subdivision there are similar styles, characteristics and features but not one property is exactly the same as another. While this is true, the very nature of mass production within the building industry requires the original builder to limit the purchaser’s choices regarding options when originally purchasing the property brand new. This limitation is removed when you buy and remodel. The opportunities are limited only by your own budget. This is where the fun begins.

Our Northern Virginia real estate market consists primarily of four counties: Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County and Prince William County.  We specialize serving Buyers and Sellers of real estate in these four Counties. As a native Northern Virginian, I know this area like the back of my hand. While many real estate agents have chosen to specialize in given neighborhoods early on in my real estate career I chose the road less travelled covering the entire Northern Virginia real estate market.

We not only represent Purchasers that Buy Northern Virginia Real Estate but we also represent Purchasers that Buy and Remodel Northern Virginia Real Estate. There is a difference. Representing Purchasers in general is called Buyer Brokerage or Buyer Representation and I am one of the Northern Virginia founding Fathers of Buyer Brokerage. I would like to represent you.

The great news is Sellers in the vast majority of cases pay our real estate Brokerage in full enabling us to represent you as a Purchaser at no cost to you as the Purchaser. I bring 35 years of Northern Virginia Real Estate expertise to the transaction. This means you can have my expertise as a Buyer in the vast majority of cases at NO COST TO YOU!

One example of a potential purchase and remodel that currently is available For Sale is located at:  9229 ELJAMES DRIVE, FAIRFAX, Virginia VA 22032.  This property is located on a half-acre lot for $425,000.

If you would like to explore the possibilities regarding this property or another I would be happy to help you as a Buyer Broker please call me at 703-385-RICK (7425). Thank you.